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Ferncrest Center for Yoga and Health

The studio space is available to rent
for health-related activities or classes. 
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Classes are suitable for beginning and intermediate students. Experienced teachers address individual students' needs in a small class environment. New students and those returning to yoga who are seeking a gentle, safe experience are welcome.

In continuing the traditions of our teachers, we offer our classes in a series united by a theme. Our intention is to provide a deepening yoga practice to our students and therefore drop-in classes are not offered. However, students with previous yoga experience who would like to sample a class are welcomed to call the yoga instructor to set that up.

Our students say:

                              "Yoga is...

... a gift to my body and spirit."
... peace and harmony."
         ... developing gentle strength."
... the oasis of calm."....

Yoga Instructors

Peg Gossage (left) is the founder of the Ferncrest Center for Yoga and Health. She is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and has been teaching for nine years. Before teaching yoga Peg worked for twenty years as a special needs teacher in the Blackstone Massachusetts Public School. Her extensive as a teacher has given her the skills to address students’ specific needs, convey clear instructions and conduct classes that are suitable for a variety of students. She uses patience, creativity and her sense of humor to help her students experience their yoga class as something they enjoy doing, rather than something they feel they should do.

Contact info for Peg: 461-9144 or 447-9448

Sally Caldwell-Case (right)
is a certified yoga teacher trained by Innerlight Yoga in Middletown, Rhode Island and registered through the Yoga Alliance. She uses her knowledge and experience as a Special Education teacher and a Providence College Graduate School instructor in her classes by understanding the needs of the adult learner and by applying necessary modifications when necessary in her yoga classes. Her desire to share the benefits she has discovered from her yoga experience with her students is the motivating force in her teaching. Acceptance and compassion of your physical body, techniques that calm the mind and lift the spirit, and connections are the gifts that Sally hopes to deliver for her students.

Contact info for Sally: 941-1599

Our Reflexologist: Geri Marandola (find out more)

Why Do Yoga?
At the very least, yoga teaches you techniques to keep the body flexible and strong; yet yoga is so much more than exercise. In addition to helping you stay flexible and strong, yoga can give you the tools you need to calm restless thoughts, support mental clarity and confidence, encourage self-acceptance and invite deep stillness.

Why Do Yoga at Ferncrest Center?

At Ferncrest Center the classes are small and our highly experienced teachers approach their classes with student safety as a top priority.

Students are encouraged to pay attention to their own bodies in order to work at their own pace. An attitude of non-judgment and compassion is encouraged.





Contact Peg Gossage at (401) 447-9448 for class schedule details.

Wendy Hickey is now teaching Svaroopa yoga classes at Ferncrest Center. For information about these restorative classes please
contact Wendy: 463-7069 or email





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